once there was a peddler who sold caps...

hey what’s up hello?

I miss you all! It’s been a busy, weird, erratic two weeks since we last spoke, and I’ve been a-buzzing with ideas for All Mixt Up! Still marinating on some thoughts at the moment, but soon will become beautiful bolognese. In the meantime, I’ve got some CAPS for SALE!

Say hellooooo to the first ever piece of Mixt Feelings MERCH, an acrylic knit beanie named Heather Grey to keep your anxious thoughts warm & cozy all winter long.

This hat somehow fits those with pea size heads (I won’t name names but you know who you are :)) and those of us with ginormous, glorious craniums (moi!) This one is Limited Edition (I guess?) and make an excellent gift for your secret santa and/or therapist! Not to mention, the logo is embroidered and custom designed by my incredibly talented friend and name brother, Jesse Bordiuk.

Find these bad girls at the shopify link I created ten minutes ago, here:

Because as Marvin Gaye once said…

Where I lay my hat, that’s my home.


idk, just please help a sister out and buy a damn hat.

with love,

Jesse, the peddler