MIXTAPE ~ volume VI

"You can love me or you can hate me." - Dennis Rodman

hey YOU!

Many moons ago when we could actually hang out in public wearing whatever we felt like, I was always struck by how, over the past few years, regardless of the city I was in, people kinda just looked the same, plus or minus a few differences here and there. There were some notable physical variations, obviously, but for the most part, it felt like whether I was in Mexico City or New York, self expression became a euphemism for wearing a big hat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m HERE for a *big hat moment*, but I’m craving more of you. More of your vibrancy! Your messiness! Your clashes! Your individuality! I’m looking for those special souls out there who are wearing wedding dresses on Thursday afternoons and making the sidewalk their R U N W A Y.

This week’s mixtape is dedicated to you, being your unapologetic, genuine, flawed, weird, beautiful self. For the Dennis Rodmans, Bad Bunnies, Missy Elliot’s and everyone in between.

Now go spread your freak-a-leek wings and SOAR!