mixtape XII

feeling frigid

Happy Freaky Frigid Friday to YOU,

A client recently referred to the weather in DC as “brick titty” cold and I am sure if I google this term I’ll be offended, but for now, it’s really speaking to me.

Texas faced a horrific winter storm this week, with power outages, water shortages and horrific subjection to beyond bitter temperatures. We are about to hit the most depressing one-year anniversary of still being in the midst of a global pandemic. So many people are struggling, suffering & just doing whatever it takes to survive right now.

Editor and journalist, Philip Picardi, wrote an incredibly thought-provoking piece on the eerie overlaps between Covid-19 and our ongoing Climate Catastrophe that I highly recommend to all.

I’m really at a loss for words besides “brick titty” right now, so I’ll leave you feeling weird with that. This week’s mixtape is meant to bring some funky portable heater fire (all I can muster right now) to anyone coping with a cold, achy heart. I see you. I’m with you. I love you.


&& please click here for a list of ways to support Texas winter storm victims.