mood boards

beautiful things to help us get through

sometimes, I pretend like I’m a curator. Of feelings. Of experiences. Of connection. Of… ANYTHING. While mindlessly scrolling through instagram at any point throughout the day, I’ll save anywhere from 2 to 46 images to my “beautiful things” folder. This is my modern day version of ripping pages out of magazines and making a mood board.

Sometimes the quotes I find are soooo corny it’s very embarrassing. Sometimes they’re heart shattering it’s overwhelming. Other times, they’re a really good reminder that human beings, by nature, are so resilient and creative. Below are a few of the beautiful things I’ve come across over the past few weeks that have inspired me to dig deeper + reach out + find solitude + show love + forgive + slow down + create + play + take risks + write + reminisce + dream. I recently heard someone say, “it’s contagious to be in a celebratory space of generosity” and I can’t get the idea out of my mind. So this week I’m sending some inspiration your way and hope you’ll pass it on!

art by @cortezhelene

(vote for humanity by @chaufacetime; this november by @lianafink)

(chinese proverb)

(I see you by @octaviaraheem; passive vs. radical empathy by @rachelcargle; feelings by @butlikemaybe; I miss you, I love you by

(by @marymarymatson)

(painting by: Emma Amos)