Feb 24 • 50M

Plus One Podcast: Ep 2

Wellness Culture: Who is she?

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Jesse Walker
Tessa Velazquez
Welcome to Plus One! A podcast by two mixed women with too many mixed feelings. Expect to cry. Expect to laugh. Expect to feel like you're at an adult slumber party with your best friends. This is Plus One: a Podcast by Jesse & Tessa.
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On this week’s episode: Wellness Culture. Who is she?! She’s buzzy. She’s important. She’s problematic. But we still love her. Cults are having a comeback, and we have a LOT to say about it. We keep finding ourselves in white wellness spaces. We aren’t sure how to feel about Life Coaches (oops). Jesse is conflicted about the mama healing circle she just joined in Nosara. Tessa gives zero fucks. We discuss what true belonging looks like.

We really miss each other, but we’re surviving this time apart. 

Thank you so much for being here!


Jesse & Tessa