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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Plus One Podcast - Episode 6

Plus One Podcast - Episode 6

Motherhood, let's get into it!

On this week’s episode: Motherhood, let’s get intoooo it. Tessa plays Oprah and asks Jesse all the deep questions about what her first year of motherhood has felt like. We both discuss our desires for multidimensionality within motherhood, and how complicated it feels to be a 30-something woman with ovaries in today’s world. We reflect on the ways we’ve shown up for each other during this big transition into motherhood and titihood. We go off on “Big OBGYN,” and how we want to believe in advances in fertility treatments like egg freezing, but it all feels kind of scammy… just us?? We both agree that the term “geriatric pregnancy” is offensive. Tessa opens up about the dilemmas she’s facing as someone who knows she wants to have kids, but also has other dreams she’s trying to pursue. Jesse shares the good, the bad, and the ugly about being a new mom, and offers some advice to friends without kids who want to show up for the moms in their lives. We both agree that moms deserve so.much.better. 

Please do us all a favor and remind a mom in your life just how incredible she is. 

Thank you so much for listening. We love you!


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All Mixt Up
Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
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