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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Plus One Podcast - Episode 7

Plus One Podcast - Episode 7

White People: we love you, but like... what are you doing?

On this week’s episode: White People. DUN DUN DUN.

We had a few technological difficulties this episode, which we’re fully blaming on our white ancestors. We have a feeling they really didn’t want us to record this episode exploring our relationship to whiteness. Ugh so typical of white people/spirits, right?! Why is it still so damn difficult for white people to talk openly and honestly about race? 

This week, we invite our white friends and family in, as we do a deep dive into some of our many mixed feelings regarding White People with a capital W. Maybe it’s the partial white guilt we carry within, but we feel like we have a moral responsibility to (lovingly) check our white loved ones on the things they do that continue to hurt us and other people of color. Jesse opens up about a life altering experience with a white therapist’s tears. Tessa explains why she always eats before she goes to any white person’s party. We both get heated while we recount some of our frustrations with white people who continue to bypass the emotional labor required for engaging in thoughtful cross-racial dialogue. And yet, humor is still infused throughout this episode, because laughter is super healing. This episode is meant to invite curiosity around whiteness and racial dynamics, not to make anyone feel like shit. This conversation is for everyone, but especially white people who want to do better; we’re no longer wasting energy on those of you who still don’t see what the big deal is. 

We love you. Thanks for being here!


Jesse & Tessa


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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
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