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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Plus One Podcast - Ep 3

Plus One Podcast - Ep 3

Best Friends Forever


On this week’s episode: Best Friends Forever. Do you hate the term “BFF”? Oops. We love it and we love each other… a LOT. Not to be dramatic, but without good friends, you will die sooner. Bestiehood is not a la carte, it’s the whole prefix menu. We discuss the concept of Mom FriendsTM and where it falls flat. We discuss the ways our friendship got even stronger while going through heartbreak. Tessa keeps it real about never prioritizing a man over girlfriends again. Jesse admits to getting salty when other people refer to Tessa as their bestie. Party subs are a recurring theme.  We discuss when we knew we were soul mates, and how we’ve stayed  connected during major life transitions. We rehash that one “fight” we had. We love the men in our lives, but it’s just different with them, ya know? We laugh a lot this episode and then… we both cry. Best Friends FOREVER. 


Nina aka Softee Popstar 


Esther Perel - Friendship

American Heart Association - Social isolation and loneliness increase risk of death

Greater Good - How long does it take to make a friend?


Jesse & Tessa

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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
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