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Plus One Podcast - Episode 4

Plus One Podcast - Episode 4

Let's talk about SEX, baby


On this week’s episode: Let’s talk about S-E-X, baby. This week, our laptops got hot and bothered and almost didn’t let us record this episode. What is it about sex that makes two strong, grown ass women become awkward teenagers again? We share about losing our V cards (both to white Jewish boys - feels relevant) and the ways our concepts of sex and sexuality have evolved immensely in our 30s -  thank GOD(DESS). Tessa shares about her “embodied ho” practice and how f***ing good she feels in her body these days. Jesse opens up about sex after a baby, and the ways she keeps things spicy with her baby daddy of 13 years. We both agree that going through puberty during a pivotal internet era when teenagers had full access to porn didn’t necessarily set any of us up for success. We explore ways we were both exoticized at a young age by white men, show compassion to our younger, sad selves, and define pleasure on our own terms. This episode is raw, juicy, messy and fun (just like the sex we’re having!)

Quick Disclaimer: If you are our parents, grandparents, in-laws, exes, current clients, or anyone else who is going to feel v weird listening to us share about our sexcapades, this episode is NOT for you. Thank you for understanding <3

Also… Content Warning: Conversations around sex can be complicated and triggering for many people. We are very much speaking about our own personal experiences, but some of those experiences may be upsetting and problematic to hear.  We realize that some of this content might stir up a lot of feels, so listen to yourself, and no presh to listen to this week’s episode if you’re in a place where this type of conversation may not feel good. Look at you checking in with yourself and deciding what feels good - we love that for you. 


Tessa’s Embodied Ho Playlist 

Boys and Sex by Peggy Orenstein

All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks 


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