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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Plus One Podcast - Episode 8

Plus One Podcast - Episode 8

Szn 1 Finale! All about Endings :(

It's not goodbye, it's see you later, bitch! Don’t freak out but this is the FINAL episode of season one plus one podcast. WHAT?!? We gotta wrap up season one while we’re still ahead, you know? We want everyone to leave missing us and wanting more :)

On this week’s episode: All About Endings. We start by discussing the ultimate ending: Death (nbd) and what we think happens to our souls when we die. Jesse discusses the Jewish grieving process of sitting shiva, and how she wants to bring shiva energy into all types of endings. Tessa shares about how she’s recently been hearing whispers from her ancestors, and promises to pluck Jesse’s eyebrows before her mandatory open casket viewing party. Then, we pivot to discuss another type of ending: Break Ups. Tessa gets real about how she’s doing six months post break-up, and shares some break up 101 survival tips. We both discuss the ways grief is a sneaky bitch, and how we want to change the ways we view loss. Finally, we reflect on the ending of season one of this podcast (cue the waterworks) and how proud we are of each other for showing up each week and creating something super special (at least we think so!)

It’s not goodbye, we’ll see you bitches again soon!

Thank you so much for your support throughout this season. We love you SO much. 


Jesse & Tessa

PS - special shout out to Sam, our producer and biggest cheerleader from day one. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!


All Mixt Up
Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Welcome to Plus One! A podcast by two mixed women with too many mixed feelings.
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