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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Plus One Podcast - Episode 5

Plus One Podcast - Episode 5

Mixed Mamís


Sorry for the delay! Back to regularly scheduled programming :)

On this week’s episode: It’s us again! Hope you’re not sick of us, because we are BACK with an episode talking about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts and souls. That’s right, folks. We’re talking about the *mixed race experience* Dun Dun Dun. Are you feeling nervous? Good. Let’s get into it. This week, Tessa’s bringing high ponytail “don’t fuck with me” energy. Jesse hasn’t showered in two days. We both discuss our full racial and ethnic identities, and the (23andme) journeys we’ve gone through to embrace our many multitudes. We kind of take a lot of pride in constantly being mistaken for each other, but we’re also pretty sure that’s racist? We share about being exoticized from a young age, and the ways that did a number on us. Tessa opens up about what it was like to have a darker racial complexion from her brother, and how she came out of the womb with an ass. Jesse dives into the many mixed feelings that come up for her having a white father and a black mother, and how motherhood has challenged her to expand her ideas of mixedness and blackness. We unpack the privilege we carry as light skinned mixed women, and also, how this shit is still… a lot for us. We no longer have patience for being tokenized and/or for white people who are doing the bare minimum. You heard it here first! 

This episode is for EVERYONE - but especially our fellow mixed mamis, anyone in an interracial relationship (we see you, we are with you), parents of mixed kids (please, do us all a favor) and white people who want to do better. 

Thanks for being here! We love you!


Jesse & Tessa 

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Plus One Podcast (with Jesse & Tessa)
Welcome to Plus One! A podcast by two mixed women with too many mixed feelings.
Expect to cry. Expect to laugh. Expect to feel like you're at an adult slumber party with your best friends. This is Plus One: a Podcast by Jesse & Tessa.
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