Feb 17 • 49M

Plus One Podcast - Ep 1


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Jesse Walker
Welcome to Plus One! A podcast by two mixed women with too many mixed feelings. Expect to cry. Expect to laugh. Expect to feel like you're at an adult slumber party with your best friends. This is Plus One: a Podcast by Jesse & Tessa.
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On this week’s episode: We discuss our origin story. What are we saying helloooo to? What are we saying boy bye to? We sing a manic rendition of the Georgetown Day School “fight” song. Jesse’s on her way to Costa Rica for a TBD amount of time. Tessa’s going on dates. Jesse says “YES” approximately 9000 times. Tessa says “we’ll come back to this” repeatedly, and then we never come back to the thing. Both are obsessed with each other and desperately trying to manage their separation anxiety.

Thanks for being here!

Quick Note: The audio is a little funky on this one (oops) but we promise we sound better in future episodes.


Jesse & Tessa