hey there! I can’t believe it’s been a month (!) since I last wrote to you. Time is realllllly confusing right now. I’ve been feeling a LOT since my la…
Cue Jack Nicholson’s “here’s johnny” voice except replace here’s johnny with “iiiiiii’m pregnant!” That’s right, folks. It’s instagram and substack off…
hello rapid heart beat, my old friend
but we must earn our place on this earth.
PSA: a giddy UP mixtape for when you’re feeling dowwwwwn. We got this. Get back on the horse, baby girl. Try again! love, Jesse
today feels…. weird. I have a million feelings swirling in my head, which definitely means I’m overwhelmed and still processing. But I also feel like m…
cat got your tongue?
mi scusi
and your Black BFF is not your friendly doormat
feeling frigid
Blackness as Vastness